Posted on: February 1, 2018

Wells 3 & 4 Restorations in Progress

Well rig

The District's well and pump contractor, Layne Christensen, started the second phase of restoring Wells 3 & 4 on Wednesday, January 31, 2018 by starting the rehabilitation of Well #3.  Phase 2 includes cleaning and videoing both wells.  Layne Christensen had previously completed the videoing of both wells to determine their condition.

Wells 3 & 4 were removed from service over ten years ago.  The Board of Directors prioritized the restoring of these wells and returning them to service.  The total cost of the well restoration project is over $750,000 and it includes the initial videoing of the wells to determine their condition.  The next phase will include the installation of new pumps and motors followed by the construction of a new pump house to serve the two wells.  The cost of the pump house construction is yet to be determined.  The Board of Directors recently approved a proposal from RG & Associates, Inc., the District's contract engineer, to design the pump house and manage its construction.

The cost of the entire project is being funded by Eagle Development Corp. under a development agreement with the District.  Eagle Development will also construct a third new well and pump house as part of the same agreement.

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