Information for Builders

Tap Fee

The total 2018 Tap Fee is $21,829.05 for 3/4 inch water service.  Tap Fees are payable to two different entities pursuant to an agreement between TPS Fund and the District as follows:

Payable to
Paint Brush Hills Metropolitan District

A completed Water-Sewer Hook Up Application must accompany the Tap Fee payments.

Meter Fee

The Meter Fee is $500 per residential (3/4" water service) lot payable to the District in advance of the meter installation.  The Meter Fee includes the cost of the water meter, installation, and builder water use.

The District will install water meter upon the completion of the following prerequisites*:

  1. The final grade of the front of the lot is complete;
  2. A three-foot diameter dirt mound is required around and up to the elevation of meter pit until landscaping is completed;
  3. The sidewalk fronting the lot is constructed;
  4. The meter pit is installed per the District's specifications and the lid is exposed;
  5. The curb stop box cap is exposed;
  6. The meter installation request is made at least 48 hours in advance of the date and time it is needed.

*If it is determined that the prerequisites have not been met for a scheduled meter installation, a $150.00 fee will be assessed and due prior to rescheduling the meter installation.

Hydrant Meters

The District requires the use of a District-issued hydrant meter whenever a builder needs to access water from this source.  A hydrant meter may be obtained from the District's Administration & Maintenance Building.  

The completion of a Hydrant Meter Checkout form and a $2,000.00 deposit are required.  There is a hydrant meter daily rental of $20.00 and $10.00 per one thousand gallons water usage charge.