Board Canidates for 2020 Election

Christopher Olney

David Lisle

Melissa Raetz

2018 Election

Unofficial Election Results

Paint Brush Hills Metropolitan District

Unofficial Election Results

May 8, 2018 Regular Election

The unofficial results for the Paint Brush Hills Metropolitan District regular election are set forth below. The results may change after the UOCAVA (uniformed and overseas military) ballots received by the statutory deadline are counted. Official results will be available by no later than May 17, 2018.

Ballots counted for the offices of Director of the District as follows (six candidates for three positions):

For a term until they or their successors are elected and qualified at the second regular special district election in May 2022:

Name of Candidate:
Votes Cast: (Numerical Figures)
Chad J. Atherton
Patrick R. Embleton
Rebecca E. Bonilla
George R. Cerbasi, Jr.
Russell Dean Lawrence
Christopher Paul Olney